After a long period on inactivity at, we are proud to present a new tool! Check out EzCDManager, a lightweight CD collection manager, that can fit your needs, if you want to catalogize your data CD/DVD collection.

A new project is born. It's a small, lightweight and easy to handle organizer. At the moment, only in german, but an english translation is planned.

The new release of wrip is now available. some new features have been added and the bugs decrease.

elvis released two more cd-writing-scripts to add a bit more comfort to your daily linux-life.
dvoid is still alive! due to a hard time at the university, we had less time to spend on our projects. we're on vacations now, so there will be some new releases soon..... so watch out!

major bugfix release of krpmbuilder app is now available.

new checkmail release.

all you 3d-shooter players running an unmaintained server on win2k who are pissed off by unexpected crashes! dvoid is ready to serve your needs! VoodooMon observes your app and restarts it immediately on a crash.